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Ludaxx iSugarBlocker Marketing System

To help you effectively share Ludaxx and get others involved in the “I Block Sugar” Movement, we have created this powerful free online marketing website that can be easily replicated to everyone that joins your Ludaxx team. From lead capture pages, professional presentations, instant lead notifications, automated follow-up and a load of back office tools and training, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

How The System Works:

How The iBlockSugar System Works

Just Some Of What You’ll Receive:

iBlockSugar Site Page 3iBlockSugar Site Page 2iBlockSugar Site Page 1Landing & Site Pages

Beautifully designed lead capture pages gather the contact information of your visitors (optional), and a professional website personalized to you systematically guides your visitors through a virtual online tour, shares the Ludaxx on your behalf, then calls them to action.

Your site will look exactly like the one you’re on right now!

I Block Sugar Video 3I Block Sugar Video 2I Block Sugar Video 1High-Impact Videos

Impacting videos featured throughout your website tour, engage with your visitors and systematically deliver just the right amount of information to educate them and call them to action. Click the images to the right for a preview!

Just Some of the Amazing Features & Tools:

Back Office Contact Manager

View your latest prospect’s at a glance. You can see their name, email and phone number and if they came through a lead capture page or through your contact page.

Email Lead Notifications

Receive instant emails when vistors complete certain activities, such as filling out the lead capture form on your landing page or contacting you through your contact form.

Auto-Response Messages

Professionally written autoresponders deliver the right information at just the right time to engage, educate, and create new business.

Ludaxx Enrollment Integration

Your personal website’s join page is fully integrated with your personal enrollment link at Ludaxx. This means you do only need to share your iBlockSugar website with your potential members and they can sign up as a customer or distributor right from your site!

Custom Contact Me Page

A custom “Contact me” page where you can display your name, email and phone number, and even add a picture of yourself! Visitors can also contact you directly through the form on your contact page which gets delivered to your email on file.

Banners & Traffic Reporting

Post links or banners on anywhere to promote traffic. Monitor traffic that comes through your website!

Getting Started Wizard

Simple getting started wizard gets you up and running fast and guides you through navigating the back office and changing your website settings.

Business-Building Training

Fast start training modules from our top experts show you how to share Ludaxx with others and begin building your business both online and offline.

Webinars, Calls & Support

Plug into the weekly product & opportunity, training and corporate call and webinars, with access to a schedule updated weekly. If you ever need assistance, our support team is only a click away!

Best Of All, Its 100% FREE When You Join Our Team!

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